About Chapel Place Gallery and the team behind it
Founded by mother and son team Gill Ib and Nicholas Ib, Chapel Place Gallery has represented work by modern and contemporary artists in a range of media. We are no longer a physical gallery, and the location we are named after in Tunbridge Wells is no longer in use, however, the gallery will live on as a pop-up business from time to time - join our mailing list or connect to us on social media in order to be notified of future developments!

Our original gallery

We are named after our original home from 2014 to 2016, the result of an ambitious plan to completely transform a former antiques shop, working to architectural concept designs by Yard Architects, and making use of innovative building materials such as Concreate brushed concrete tiling. The physical gallery space closed in September 2016.
Interior of Chapel Place GalleryDownstairs gallery space at Chapel Place GalleryCounter area at Chapel Place Gallery