Henrietta Dubrey: Abstraction - New Paintings From Cornwall

Saturday 8th November — Saturday 20th December 2014

Henrietta Dubrey studied painting in the 1980s at Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools. Her work has been shown across the UK and at art fairs around the world.

Having been supporters and collectors of Dubrey's work for some time, we are proud to present her first show of new work commissioned for Chapel Place Gallery. Large, medium and small abstract paintings in oil are presented alongside a collection of fifty vibrant, tangled and bold drawings.

Click here for the artist's resumé for this show, describing her aims and approach.


Oil paintings




Artist's resumé for this exhibition

By bringing together this collection of twenty two paintings and fifty small drawings for my solo show at Chapel Place Gallery, I am hoping to convey the joy of painting and its ability to lift the spirit. Through vibrant colour, abstract form and gestural brushwork it is my intention that the pared down compositions have an immediacy, to which it is possible to relate to instinctively.

From the moment I met directors Gill and Nicholas Ib I felt an immediate connection with them and the ideas they were formulating for their new venture at Chapel Place Gallery. After their initial visit in late 2013 to my studio in west Penwith, Cornwall, their very particular vision became apparent. As I listened to them talking enthusiastically about their love of curating and collecting I knew that the Gallery would be a special place to show. Their strong design ethic was evident, incorporating a geometric precision and architectural language which I felt my paintings would sit well within.

The working title of the show 'Eat Drink and Be Merry' came about after I had titled three smallish paintings and decided to present them as a triptych. These three, although small, formed the beginning of a body of work in which the painterly language I was using at the time, of strong colour and more organic shapes, began to cohere.

The three paintings are particularly spare compositions and I found that they began to speak with each other figuratively. The directness of the abstracted mark-making describes a guttural response to the ideas within. The near lurid palette of 'Eat' and its loose painterly marks have a luxuriant and decadent feeling redolent of Christmas fayre, ham hock and mustard glaze, cranberry sauce. It is a very gutsy, immediate painting, but one that in its reduced language seems to have a lot to say. Likewise 'Drink', with its flowing fountain of aerated blue clear water is refreshingly direct and quenches our thirsty souls. 'Be Merry' was my realisation of untamed consumerist desire. The big glass baubles, silver, cream and clear lured me to the shelves of the Conran Shop's Christmas display. The box of six decorations shone out like jewels, to me reminiscent of a lush Terry Frost collage. In this painting their simplicity of design is juxtaposed with every girl's dream, a new handbag. Prada? Celine? Pure decadence simply notated in three canvasses.

These and all the other strong, bold abstract paintings will be displayed alongside a series of fifty "vibrant, tangled and bold" small drawings and collages prepared especially for this show. Displayed as a block, these fifty images reveal the diverse thought processes that trigger inspiration for the larger compositions, small ideas which eventually lead to the bigger picture.

November 2014